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6 months of going mirrorless with the Olympus Pen-F

It’s been just over six months since I got rid of my dSLR and went mirrorless with the Olympus Pen-F so I figured it was time to review.

My main reason for changing was the bulk and weight of the Canon (with the Sigma lens) I had which, due in part to how I carried the camera, was actually causing physical pain – even when I wasn’t holding it. ¬†It seemed to me that mirrorless Continue reading “6 months of going mirrorless with the Olympus Pen-F”


Photo month challenge

Now that I have this new camera I want to get familiar with it and so I thought I would challenge myself for the next month. Continue reading “Photo month challenge”

Mirrorless: final chapter.. or just the beginning

Okay done it, pulled the trigger and I now have a smart new camera to play with; very exited ūüôā Continue reading “Mirrorless: final chapter.. or just the beginning”

Mirrorless part 6- time to call it

A weekend with the Olympus Pen-F and I am sold. Continue reading “Mirrorless part 6- time to call it”

Mirrorless: Part 5¬Ĺ, the countdown to Desert Trip and Pen-F try out

Just a few days until Desert Trip where I‚Äôll be seeing some of the biggest names in rock, see my previous post here. Continue reading “Mirrorless: Part 5¬Ĺ, the countdown to Desert Trip and Pen-F try out”

Mirrorless part 5 – indecision

Wow! Continue reading “Mirrorless part 5 – indecision”

Mirrorless part 4 – the try out – Sony a6300

So I spent last week with a Sony a6300 with¬†a¬†16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens rented from which I took on holiday to Florida. ¬† Continue reading “Mirrorless part 4 – the try out – Sony a6300”

Going mirrorless? part 3

Just putting down my thoughts on the two cameras I have in mind for going mirrorless should I decide to make the switch (apologies if I have said any of this before).

As mentioned previously the SLR has been giving me pain and I am thinking that technology is at the level where the difference between SLR vs Mirrorless (for my needs) is close enough.

So I have in mind two camera options having looked around; Sony a6300 and Olympus Pen-F digital. Continue reading “Going mirrorless? part 3”

Mirrorless or not? Part 2

I thought I would follow up on this subject and probably try to document this further over the next few weeks.

Following the last post on this I have been continuing my investigations whilst my SLR is in for repair.

I have fairly well convinced myself at this point that I do want to move to a smaller camera but not ready to make the decision yet.  To help me on the way I am renting a Sony a6300 from for my vacation starting this weekend.  Hopefully this will give me what I need to make a decision of some sort.

There are two things i want to get out of it.

  1. Try mirrorless in the real world and see if it makes the difference I am expecting.
  2. Try out the one of the two cameras I have in mind and check operability.

The two cameras I am considering at the moment are the Sony a6300 and the Olympus Pen-F digital. ¬†Both fit with my needs in terms of features so it comes down to usability and livability. ¬†The Olympus is more expensive but look beautiful the Sony more affordable ;it’s not beautiful but is well designed and I like the look of it.

A week with the Sony will give me a good idea of what it is like to use and if it is good I will probably go with it leaving extra cash for lenses and accessories.

I’m thinking of going ‘mirrorless’

Is it time for me to switch? ¬†I’ve been casually thinking about the idea¬†for a while and now I am looking at specific cameras. Continue reading “I’m thinking of going ‘mirrorless’”

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