So yesterday I had almost convinced myself that the Sony a6300 was what I was going to buy based on renting one last week.  Last night, not having actually seen the Olympus in person previously,  I went to a camera shop just to hold one and see what it was like ‘in the flesh’….  I was kinda blown away.

It felt so good in the hand and I instinctively knew where the controls were; everything was laid out perfectly.  I didn’t find anything that didn’t work as I would expect.

So now I am back in indecision.  A wise man once said buy the one which makes you feel compelled to take beautiful photos and I think this is it.  The Sony was good, very good in fact and technically better in some ways but it took me days to get the hang of the controls whereas this just felt easy.  I realise that getting used to working it might be a short term issue.. but still.

The Olympus is missing some technical features that the Sony has, I know.  Though most of those I don’t think are really an issue for me.  The only two negatives that are of concern is the lack of weatherproofing and the reports of auto focus issues (maybe the tripod mount too).  But then again, I’m not a wildlife photographer and I live in  the dry end of California so is weatherproofing that much of an issue?  The focus issue is a specific scenario with tracking which may not really be a concern for me.  The tripod mount is very far forward that might conflict with some lenses but as I am starting from scratch I just need be wary of that during lens selection (?) I’m not going to need bundles of lenses anyway just a prime and maybe a couple of zooms.

The olympus does have built in 5-axis image stabilisation which is of interest as it means any lens I fit benefits from that.  If I want that on the Sony I have to buy lenses specifically with it (i.e. more expensive). It has a broader range of lenses available (not that that is too much of an factor).  It also has a fully articulated screen which although I mostly shoot using the viewfinder, has come in handy on my Canon.

The sensor on the Olympus is slightly smaller but no one is saying image quality is an issue, it’s still 20MP after all; plus it has a high res mode that makes massive images if the conditions are right.

After playing with it for ten minutes I went home and watched video reviews to see if they convinced me out of it …they didn’t.

Reading this back I can see my mind is justifying the Olympus, but this is a big decision that will be hard to go back on so I want to make the right one and try not to jump in based on emotion.  So I’m going to give the Olympus a field trial (as I did with the Sony) and rent one.  I have a short trip next month so will hold off until then… watch this space….