Now that I have this new camera I want to get familiar with it and so I thought I would challenge myself for the next month.

My plan then is, for the month of November, I am going to try to take a photo everyday according to the following theme (excuse the excessive use of alliteration);

  • Monochrome Monday – Black and white images only
  • Texture Tuesday – Anything that shows some sort of texture
  • Wide Wednesday – Open spaces and landscapes – keeping that lens as wide as it will go (14mm).
  • Triple Thursday – Anything in threes, could be three similar objects or three different pictures of the same thing.
  • Floral Friday – Flowers, obviously
  • Wonky Weekend – Open season really but taken from an odd angle

So that’s 6 photos+ per week; wish me luck.

To kick this straight off; today is Wednesday and I have this landscape to share;

Taken yesterday evening from Verdugo mountains looking over Burbank