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Cameras: Yashica-44

This was the last camera I bought a little while ago and I am not buying any more until I have thinned down the ones I have no intention of using and begin focusing on a core set of cameras (unless my dream camera appears at a shockingly low price!).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Anyway, this is the Yashica-44 Continue reading “Cameras: Yashica-44”


What is a Photographer?

I read a couple of articles recently that opened up on this question in one way or another.  Many articles in the media of late refer to people who take pictures as photographers (usually it seems when they are doing something bad).  Are all these people ‘photographers’?

Camera use used to be limited to a narrow section of society that could be bothered with the highly technical operation of a this instrument and thus the term photographer referred to those people.

These days however, everyone (almost) has a camera that they use on a regular basis (in the form of a phone) and a huge number have a fairly sophisticated camera that they use on vacations etc.  Do these people qualify to be called photographers?  Is the term photographer a special tag for a certain type of camera user? Continue reading “What is a Photographer?”

Golden hour

The light at the end of the day is just lovely at this time of year

Stairwell 1




Awesome skies last night

Pen-F with Rokinon 12mm 2.0

Catch the wave

Paid a short visit to Manhattan Beach at the weekend and watched the surfers for a while.  I had my new wide angle lens to play with so no close up tube riding today.



Taken with Olympus Pen-F and manual F.Zuiko 38mm 1;1.8

It must be Wednesday

Apologies this is going to be a rambling post about nothing in particular.


Seems like this is a time of doubt for me and I am questioning things including this blog.  I have read posts from other bloggers recently which has added to my thinking about the future of this.

I’ve been doing this semi seriously now for about a year and a half now and if I look at the stats I have to question the point.

I do have over 139 followers and I am grateful to all of those people.  On average though my posts get between 15 and 20 views and rarely more than 10 likes.

But then it’s not (or shouldn’t be) about the stats.

There are a few reasons for doing a blog as I see it, documenting something, sharing creative exploits, creating discussion (or community), entertainment or personal and/or therapeutic output. Continue reading “It must be Wednesday”

It’s that time of year again

Halloween I mean not Christmas 😀

Taken at Disneyland Park California


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