So I spent last week with a Sony a6300 with a 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens rented from which I took on holiday to Florida.  

The Camera performed well in my opinion though I’m not sure the operator did.  It took a while to get to grips with the change in operation and I have to admit that I often left it in auto (P) mode.  Though for the subject matter (which was holiday snaps for the most part) I don’t think this was unreasonable; anyway, if the conditions were such that I could get a good picture in auto mode then that is fine by me.  I’d rather get the shot than mess it up because I am not fully familiar with the camera.

Once I had the idea I would say the controls are reasonably well laid out and I was able to look through the viewfinder and make adjustments without taking my eye off the subject (which is my goal).  The viewfinder performed well and only in very fast moving situations did I detect a lag.  Sometimes I found that the image review lingered too long and held me back from taking subsequent shots but I expect that is a setting somewhere.

I liked that I could push images to my phone wirelessly allowing me to share very quickly.

I wasn’t happy with the particular lens that I had selected; I could have done with a slightly longer one and and one that is higher end; I also felt it was slow to respond.

One issue I see is that with two Sony cameras using the same file naming format I may have to employ some mechanism for renaming to avoid clashes which would be annoying – I wonder if there are any in camera options for file naming.

I did feel much more mobile with the smaller camera and able to take it with me without feeling I had a burden.  This I think opens up opportunities which a larger camera might hinder; at least where it may make me leave it behind.   Image quality is great and I don’t think I am losing anything in that area from using a smaller camera.


Overall I think it helped me on my way to a decision and I definitely think the move to mirrorless is the right way.  I can’t really see anything that I am losing by such a switch other than the implied qudos of using a “professional” camera so ignoring any snobbery on that point all looks good.  As to which camera I think this one was very good and will probably go with it.  The Olympus is tempting but I think it’s more form over function and some nonsense about looking cool using it 😉

Here are a selection of images taken with the camera.  I’ve not had time to make much in the way of adjustments so these are mostly as they came out of the camera (size reduced).

River boat
Longhorn cattle
Firebreathing dragon
Pelicans flying overhead
Gorilla having a snack
Water droplets
Palm tree

My Canon is back from repair so now I guess I have to bite the bullet and put it on the market.