So first of all I though “Yesss!” when this came through as the theme.  This is a staple diet of my photography.  So you might think that this was no challenge; on the contrary with the limitations on my time and the locality where I work where there is not much in the way of stunning architecture, I found this a bit of a struggle finding something worthy in the 30 minute stroll I have in my lunch hour around my office.

Having walked around a few times now I have a feel for what is out there so the challenge today was to look again and see if I can see something I’ve overlooked before.  This is an important lesson and something I love about photography in that in order to find the thing someone else hasn’t seen you have to take your time and look again.  Sometimes the best photos are from when I just sit down somewhere (perhaps waiting for something) and as I have my camera with me I start looking and looking again and often after a while I see something that wasn’t visible before and that’s a nice thing to see .

Anyway here are four from my walk (sorry for the quirky angles, I can’t help myself); the last one is more light and shadow than architecture but I like it anyway.IMG_5351IMG_5349IMG_5347IMG_5345