Just putting down my thoughts on the two cameras I have in mind for going mirrorless should I decide to make the switch (apologies if I have said any of this before).

As mentioned previously the SLR has been giving me pain and I am thinking that technology is at the level where the difference between SLR vs Mirrorless (for my needs) is close enough.

So I have in mind two camera options having looked around; Sony a6300 and Olympus Pen-F digital.

First I want to state what’s important to me.

  • Smaller/lighter than my SLR
  • Good range of lens options (Ability to adapt to use Leica M mount lenses a bonus).
  • RAW images
  • Fast focus
  • Good image quality
  • Good aesthetics
  • Ease of use
  • Hot shoe for flash
  • Viewfinder (I think)

Sony a6300

Image courtesy of Dennis Jarvis on FlickR.com

(original image here)

This is my current favourite.  It was recommended to me by Mitch Zeissler over at Exploratorios and having read reviews I can see why.  It tops most of the reviews, especially on focusing and image quality; the pictures I have seen are stunning.

It looks good and solid and has all the lens capabilities I could want, it is more modern looking than the other but that is not an issue.

Price-wise it is coming down and of my two options it is the cheaper.

I have some concerns about ease of use but I am renting one for a week to try out so that should answer those concerns and give me real-world testing of mirrorless generally.

Olympus Pen-F digital

Image courtesy of Derrick Story on FlickR.com

(original image here)

This jumped into my field of view in the latter half of last week from a great article on Petapixel  (until then I was only really considering the Sony) and I was blown away by the styling.  It looks very retro which for an old bugger like me who collects old cameras anyway is a good thing.  Checking out the specs didn’t disappoint; this doesn’t appear to be a looks over function thing.  It is significantly more expensive which is a concern.

The image sensor is smaller than the Sony but reviews seem to suggest it doesn’t make a massive difference.

There are plenty of lenses in the range but the Leica mount I am still researching.

I’ve tried to as much comparison as I can and they seem quite similar with the main differences being in areas less of a concern to me like 4K video.  This review on CameraDecision puts the Pen-F only 1 point ahead overall but on imaging Sony is 10 points ahead.

So, my decision is about price over looks with operability being the question right now and assuming the Sony performs with its slightly better image quality is ahead by a nose as pretty looks might not be enough to commit cash that could be spent on lenses and accessories.

I will let you know how I get on with the Sony on my return.