So we are off to the US Virgin Islands next week and planning to do some snorkelling whilst we’re there.  I would love to do scuba but due to an issue with my ears a few years back I understand that it’s too risky.

Anyway, I was browsing my favourite auction website thinking about something else entirely when I stumbled upon a shop having a clear out; selling lots of random camera gear and very low prices (sub $10 and $5 per lot).  A few of these were for underwater photography kit including cameras, cases, flashes etc.  I was quite interested but couldn’t tell if any of it worked.  In the end I didn’t buy any of these but it started me down a route I hadn’t really thought of and well the long and the short of it is, I bought a not too old Nikonos IV-A for a very good price (I think the seller must have been disappointed because no one else bidded and I got it at the starting price which was half his buy it now and that was well below other people’s prices for similar)  It is in immaculate condition, looks barely used and came with two lenses, hoods and filters – everything you (I) could need.  I’m only snorkelling so a flash is hopefully not a necessity.

The Nikonos as you may know or have guessed is Nikon’s underwater brand so this is really good kit and the range has been in development for 50 years.  This is the fourth incarnation and dates around the 1980s.  Similar to the Yashica Electro 35 it’s semi automatic; you set the aperture, film speed and focus then shutter speed is up to the camera.

I have put a pair of batteries in it and all looks good so far.  I ran a film through it quickly and hopefully those will look okay and off to sea I go.  The seals seem to be in good shape; it came with the proper tube of lubrication so fingers crossed it will stay watertight.

I guess I can no longer say I’ve never owned a Nikon anymore eh? (ref: Glass).

Very excited about this, only ever shot underwater once before with one of those disposable things so hoping for some good images when I get back.

Wish me luck