Updated for 2018.
This blog started as a general collection of ramblings about all sorts of things including gin, cycling artichoke dips and photography.  I decided this year to focus more on the key element here which is photography; be it film, digital or what have you.  I also decided to slow down a little and spend more time on  my posts so that the quality and interest goes up which I hope you will see as the weeks go on.
I have a number of projects in mind this year which I will share here including; macro, large format, digifilm, colours, time and home developing.
There will be some more reviews from the collection of cameras I have, which are mostly film; I like shooting film, it is a much more precise process (as opposed to the care free shoot shoot shoot of digital) and the results have a different feel.  As well as the cameras just shooting generally (film and digital) will feature a lot this year.

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