Decided I should probably update this as it’s been a year with  what was a pathetically brief introduction.

Firstly thanks for stopping by; I hope you find something that interests you 🙂

I have a number of interests and am generally a creative person so I decided a blog might be a good outlet for that and it will allow various aspects of my life to come together in some useful way,  mainly it gives me a platform for publishing my photography.

I generally compartmentalise my life so there is not much overlap between my interests, my work or personal life; that may be a good thing or a bad thing I’m not really sure (subject for another post?), either way I decided that it was time I tried to pull all the stuff in my head into some sort of thread that may make sense and here we are.

the subtitle for this blog is “Unorganised images and comments about film cameras, photography, gin, cycling, life and artichoke dips” so I should explain where I am going with that;

Film Cameras – I have a growing collection of cameras most of which are film cameras and so this year 2017 I set about documenting them via a review and where possible put at least 1 film though them.  I like shooting film, it is a much more precise process (as opposed to the care free shoot shoot shoot of digital) and the results have a different feel.

Photography – Other than the film cameras I have been taking pictures for most of my life (almost as long as I’ve been cycling).  I may not a great photographer but I do okay, taking mostly architectural but also some nature and street type photos.  I have a reasonable library of digital pictures most of which languish on a hard disk drive but a lot end up on Flickr or similar sites depending on what I think of them.  Mostly those pictures get published without much commentary and here I would like to put some words in with the pictures.

Gin – Okay so gin is a delicious spirit which comes in a variety of forms and I enjoy it very much (as well as Wine, Ale and Whiskey).  My partner and friends also love this drink and we have sampled a great many over the years.  I had planned to relate my favourites and generally review gins as I come across them – I have to be honest here and admit that this hasn’t really happened.

Cycling – With the above excesses in intake there is a need (especially when you are getting towards the later years in life) for some sort of physical exercise and for me it is cycling.  I don’t think I’m obsessive ( I only have 5 bikes, currently) but I like it a lot and in California there is plenty of opportunity for riding.  Not only does it keep me fit but it allows me to see the country in a way not possible by car and also has a great social element.  So I’ll try to present some of my thoughts on cycling,  my bikes but definitely some amazing a beautiful places to ride near by.

Lastly Artichoke Dips – I have had a recent liking for this kind of appetizer and make a point on trying them wherever I see them on the menu – this may be then the only definitive guide on where the best ones are and those to be avoided.

Oh I guess I forgot Life – well that is always going to creep in especially if, as I have, you have made some changes in your life that are significant and life altering.  That wasn’t intended to sound quite so dramatic but  changing countries is quite enough to cope with and that isn’t the half of it.  So, maybe in an attempt at self-therapy I might talk about that stuff too.

So there you have it, my main themes and I reserve the right to talk about any, all or none of these as I see fit.

As I said this is mostly a platform for photography and the rest will pop up occasionally. I tend to be fairly opportunist with photography, taking pictures of what I see.  I try to go to places to get new views and sights and as a result I may augment the photos something close to a travel blog format; you can find these under ‘Places’ on the menu.  I’m on Instagram too (see the bottom of the page) and I tend to post different images there; feel free to check that out.

One more thing, I bought a travel trailer (aka a caravan) and once we’ve fixed some issues there will definitely be some posts about that and our travel adventures; it has it’s own menu item.

That ended up being much longer than I expected; thanks for reading this far if you want something to go and look at to start you off, this is quite popular.

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