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Joshua Tree camping trip – Pt 2: Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

This is the second installment regarding our recent camping trip to the Joshua tree area; part 1 is here.

On day 2 we wanted to go into Palm Springs and we took our friends two children with us as we wanted to try out the Aerial Tramway.

Over the labor day weekend, temperatures in the desert were over 100°F and we had heard that the top of the mountain would be 20° lower which would be a welcome relief. Continue reading “Joshua Tree camping trip – Pt 2: Palm Springs Aerial Tramway”


Trailer – ready for our next trip

So over the last few months we have been working on the trailer as after a leak we ended up replacing a section of ceiling and repainting most of the interior.

We are at the end of that (for now) and all is back together now with the whites being white, the greys now being the same blue as the original fittings (stove, fridge, countertops etc)  and the flooring replaced with wood. Continue reading “Trailer – ready for our next trip”

Trailer update

Prowling has been somewhat delayed due partly to the leaky roof and partly to a recent death in the family.

We have been progressing though and the leak hopefully has been fixed.  My friends and I recently lifted the air conditioning unit, replaced the gasket and sealed all around and so the source of the trouble should be sorted. Continue reading “Trailer update”

Cachuma Lake and Solvang

This weekend myself and S took our 1969 Prowler (towed by our 1990 Bronco) on our first expedition to camp at Cachuma Lake.  All went reasonably well, we had some issues but generally it was a success.

Day 1

The journey up was pretty uneventful though it was scary as hell Continue reading “Cachuma Lake and Solvang”

First travel trailer trip planned

At last I think we are ready to take the trailer out for a spin.

We have spent the last few weeks gathering the things we might need and cleaning up and also researched the basics of this new hobby of ours and now we are ready – well as ready as we’ll ever be; at some point you just have to stop procrastinating and do it.

I have a few jobs left to do before we actually set off (sorting out the anti-sway bar, checking our tow vehicle over etc) but the main things like a fresh set of tires buying all the essentials are done.

We have booked a campsite for Friday and Saturday night near to Santa Barbara.  It’s a couple of hours’ drive so we will get hitched up and set off at the end of our work day and hopefully get there before dark.

We thought it best to try something not too far away to start with so we can find our feet and if all goes wrong retreat.

There is still a lot to  learn about all this and I will share our trials and tribulations with you as they come up.

Wish us luck!

Got it! – nomadic weekends ahead

This weekend we picked up our new travel trailer; well not new so much as it’s a 1969 Prowler but it is new to us.

We’ve been thinking for a while about weekend breaks and trying to avoid having to book a hotel or apartment and allow us to do slightly extended trips than are possible in one day.  We considered and RV but decided on a vintage trailer instead partly so we are not relying on the engine in such a vehicle but also size then becomes an issue for storage.

We’d looked at a few and found this one last week which is immaculate and original inside and as it was pretty much ready for use decided it was the one.  It maybe isn’t so pretty as some on the outside, but that kind of thing comes at a premium and as the interior with this one was perfect we didn’t see any point looking further.

So yesterday morning I dragged S out of bed to travel down to Riverside to collect it. Continue reading “Got it! – nomadic weekends ahead”

A busy year ahead

So much going on, I hope I will be able to keep up with it all.

Okay, first up, I am getting married again so there is lots of planning for that over the next 18 months or so.  I’m not going to say much more about that here because the second half of this news is that….

I’ve started a second blog; Continue reading “A busy year ahead”

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