Is it time for me to switch?  I’ve been casually thinking about the idea for a while and now I am looking at specific cameras.

DSLR Vs Mirrorless has been the equivalent of the  ‘Canon vs’ Nikon’ debate or recent months and there are pro and cons to both;  I can’t make up my mind whether to make the jump.

I have been shooting with  SLRs for a long time now and I am used to them.  I can operate the controls on my Canon without thinking; it all just works.   I had a brief fling with a Fuji X10 which I realise now is a mirrorless but back then the term wasn’t  common – to be honest I wasn’t that happy with it and sold it after a couple of years; so why am I revisiting that idea?

Fuji (Large)


I guess some of my thought pattern has been because of my increased use of old rangefinder cameras which until recently I had no experience with.  Like them though they are a different thing to operate.  I wonder whether, if I had used one of those in my youth maybe I wouldn’t have gone SLR in the first place; they are much more compact and mirrorless feels like the digital equivalent (though obviously it’s not).

The thing is my DSLR is becoming a burden.  For half of this year I have been struggling with tennis elbow which has come from carrying my camera (particularly since adding the Sigma lens).  I used to just have a wrist strap which suited my style (never liked neck straps) but after being in pain to the point I couldn’t lift a cup of tea without it hurting, I got a shoulder strap which has helped.

Every time I go out now though i feel like I have a lot to carry and sometimes it gets in the way.  Mirrorless would be so much more portable.

A mirrorless would be a change I know.  I would potentially lose a few things I rely on mainly battery life and a proper viewfinder.  It would change how I operate the camera.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t bond with the Fuji before, but I only got that for certain situations and didn’t use it all the time also the lens wasn’t that flexible and it felt slow.  This time I am seriously thinking about selling all my Canon kit and switching over.  That’s a scary thought if I make the wrong decision.  The trouble is I can’t afford both; if I want mirrorless the Canon has to to fund the other.  Also the Fuji was an early model in an evolving area and I know their cameras have improved a lot.  .

Most of the articles I’ve read where they lean towards DSLR still being best, are for Pros who make a living out of photography.  I’m not one of those, so the issues they have probably aren’t mine.  I’m not shooting sports or anything like that most of my stuff is architectural.  Other articles where the writer is liking them I find are quite convincing and makes me want to do it.

It’s a big decision, at the moment I’m mostly considering Sony, partly because my little Sony lens camera has impressed me a lot over the last year and so that gives me confidence in the Sony brand also I am very impressed with images on a blog I follow called Exploratorius; also technically the Sony seems better and offers the best in terms of focus speed  etc.

There is a little bit of pride in this that is so stupid I feel silly writing it; but in some ways walking about with my DSLR (even though it’s not top level) makes me feel a bit like a pro or at least a ‘Serious photographer’ and in my mind gets some kind of respect from others around me.  That’s probably my own insecurities and self-doubt finding a comforter to hide behind but it is a factor.  Anyway, switching to a little camera might make me lose that.  Having said that I have got just as much interest in images taken with my phone and Sony lens as with the DSLR so I don’t know quite why I mention it.  I do believe that it isn’t the camera that is taking the pictures it’s the artist holding it; the only thing that matters is where you stand and when you press the shutter.  Maybe the oposit will be true and a change in camera will open things up(?).

So I will think about this some more and research, research, research; next step is to get my hands on one and try it out.  I could wait a while for the market to mature but my camera will only get older and less valuable so I think I should decide sooner rather than later.