Here I am talking about ET-94 the space shuttle fuel tank rather than the short alien creature from the movie!

A few years ago space shuttle Endeavour took one final flight on the back of a jumbo jet to LA and then made it’s way through the streets to the California Sciencenter where it is now an exhibit (I recommend you go visit if you get the chance).

ET-94 is the last fuel tank remaining and to enhance the exhibit they are going to mount Endeavour on the tank as it would have been for take off.  It arrived by ship at Marina Del Rey a month ago and then Saturday, loaded onto a massive truck it made a 16.5 mile journey through the streets over about 15 hours.

I wasn’t here for the shuttle’s journey which was a lot more dramatic by all accounts but I didn’t want to miss this one. And so I was up and out the door before 6am so I could catch it on it’s route before enjoying the rest of my day.

Here are my pictures