Haven’t reviewed any Artichoke and Spinach dip recently (mainly because I haven’t had any new ones) but this weekend I did.

This time I was in Wood Ranch bar and grill in Northridge.  A&S dip was on the menu and of course I couldn’t resist.

Interestingly this came with a salsa along with the dip itself.


The chips were large and kind of rectangular and they had a little bit of spice in them which was nice.

The dip was creamy and tasted good; not as thick and chunky as I would normally prefer.

No cheesy crust on this one.

Quantity-wise it was about right with the chips just enough to cover all of both dips.

So I am instating a new scoring system for dips rather than the predictable ‘x/5’ and from this point will use the Carrot system – I will award a number of Carrots for taste, consistency, quantity (mostly as a ratio against the chips),  quality of chips (or other dipping medium) and for bonuses such as cheesy crust.

To summarise, it was tasty, not huge but supplemented by the secondary dip which provided some variety in sharing.  As a result the Wood Ranch Spinach and Artichoke Dip gets 4 Carrots

Previously reviewed dips are scored under the new system below;

  • Hollywood Way – 6 Carrots
  • BJs – 3 Carrots
  • Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub – 3 Carrots

No update on Starbucks.