The ‘View from the Carrot Room‘ blog has been going for a while and it’s direction has meandered a fair bit in that time but mostly it has been about reviewing my cameras.

I have kinda come to the end of that and want to go in a different direction; partly because there are a lot of other (better) blogs doing this (Like those by Jim Grey and Mike Eckman) and partly because I want to do more photography with the cameras I have and enjoy.

At the same time, the free storage I have on WordPress is over 87% so I needed to decide on what to do about that; quit, buy more, try to switch to linking images on Flickr or what?

I feel that a fresh start is how I wanted to go; leave what I have done here where it is and start a completely new blog initially in parallel then mothballing ‘View from’ entirely. 

I want to do something that is more about the pictures and not about the gear which will hopefully bring me back to where I want to be as a photographer.  I have decided on a new simple format of posts with just five images that are linked by a single subject matter; be it type of images, location or even gear used.  But just five images and a similar number of paragraphs describing why those image and what my thinking is or what I was doing etc.  

I know I could try to change this blog into that new format but somehow I think starting back at ground zero is a better way and will focus me on the new direction.

So this is me launching that new blog and I hope those of you reading this will come take a look and perhaps if you like what you see (and read) you will follow me there.  Don’t worry the Carrot Room is still open and the new site is called just that ‘the carrot room’ at  I have already posted a few things on there for you to check out…. so be my guest at my new address.

Thank you for reading my random and varying posts here, I really appreciate your likes, comments and attention.