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Waimea Canyon

Not quite what I had in mind for this week, this was from Hawaii: Waimea Canyon

Next week: Broken

Kauai is lovely

A friend inspired me to blog about a recent trip I went to to Kauai in Hawaii so here goes at my first attempt at a travel blog.

So first up getting to the airport was an adventure in itself. Plan was to be in the car at 2pm to give us plenty of time for a flight before 5pm.  For some reason we ended up waiting for a washing machine cycle to end before leaving which didn’t happen until 2:30 in the car a sudden realisation that our flight was a 4:20 rather that the 4:55 we had originally thought meaning after the washing machine delay meant less than 2 hours before take off.  I anyone knows LA traffic they will understand how much of a problem it is, getting from Burbank to LAX.  We had planned cheap parking near by but that added a potential 15 minutes to our journey time.  Decision was made to abandon that plan and with some performance driving from me we did actually make good time to the short term parking at LAX.  There was no time to debate the potential costs with this it was park here or not make the flight.  Quick check in and baggage drop, talk nicely to the lady at security to allow us through and we made the gate with a few minutes to spare. Continue reading “Kauai is lovely”

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