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I guess I should talk about my bikes – it’s not really about them though is it

Where should I start?  Favourite first?  Most interesting first?  Chronological on my ownership, chronological on their age? Hmmmm…

Well I refuse to choose a favourite as it depends on the ride, conditions, day of the week, etc.

I’m going to start with the oldest first, which I only picked up last year. Continue reading “I guess I should talk about my bikes – it’s not really about them though is it”

Helmets – why should we wear them?

This is an eternal subject that comes up again and again and mostly it seems without much consideration of the facts.  I for one almost all of the time wear a helmet, but why?

There is no doubt that a helmet adds a layer of protection to the head which could in the event of an impact to the head during an accident save your life.  That one fact for most people (including me) is enough. Continue reading “Helmets – why should we wear them?”


I love mornings like this morning.  I crept out of bed gently so as not to disturb the other occupant.  Slipped into my cycling clothes and with a brief sleepy kiss goodbye I stepped out into a crisp winter morning in California.image

This morning is definitely brighter as I can see the display on the Garmin without backlight (am I later today? I wonder).  I look up at the gloriously red painted sky and set off on my normal morning loop. It’s cold but not as cold as it has been and my fingers stay comfortable with the wind rushing over them.  It doesn’t feel any easier today than yesterday, I still feel like I am the slowest cyclist in the world.  But it definitely feels good with the sun slowly rising and the blue taking over from the red.  By the time I get to the top of the hill, morning is fully deployed and I can see across the valley as I cycle along the base of the mountain.

Not many people around yet today, garbage trucks trundle around like dung beetles robotically picking up trash cans and taking our waste away.  The odd dog walker nods in greeting as I pass, sharing brief agreement that we made the right decision to get up early this morning.

Once I complete my circuit, I re-enter my apartment in silence; nothing has moved since I left.  Coffee gets brewed and I return to a warm bed for few minutes of cuddle time before heading off to work… perfect.


… just as I get back on my bike the weather in LA turns to monsoon conditions.

I managed a quick 14 miles yesterday in the dry and planned on morning rides every day before work plus a couple of evenings to get some actual distance in; then just as I set out this morning the heavens opened and it was just like being back in the UK…. Thanks El Nino!

It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon so this evening we will find out whether I have gone native yet or whether I am still a hardy Brit; willing to expose myself to the elements and get a ride in no matter what. Continue reading “Typical…”


At last i am back on the bike.  I stepped out on a chilly Californian morning in glorious sunshine, clipped in to my pedals and headed out.

The breeze hit my face and I was tankful for the extra layer I had put on; it wasn’t freezing it was just enough to make me feel alive and eager to generate my own heat from riding. Continue reading “Finally…”

Missing the road

It’s been over two weeks since I rode a bicycle and it will be a little while before I can get on one. Continue reading “Missing the road”

So I guess I should lay down some sort of introduction into this blog; try and put some reasoning together for the various subject matter (if there is any) so that, in the unlikely event I might actually get some readers then they will know what they are letting themselves in for.

I have a number of interests and am generally a creative person without much of a platform to put that creativity so I decided that as I am a written word kind of guy that a blog might be a good outlet for that and it will allow various aspects of my life to come together in some useful way.

I generally compartmentalise my life so there is generally not much overlap between my interests, my work or personal life; that may be a good thing or a bad thing I’m not really sure (subject for another post?), either way I decided that it was time I tried to pull all the stuff in my head into some sort of thread that may make sense and here we are.

the subtitle above is “Unorganised comments about life,  gin,  artichoke dips,  cycling and photography” so I should probably explain where I am going with that; Continue reading “1st post – an explanation”

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