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Help please

Hi there, quick question for you folks out there.  On the first of January I updated my blog changing the name and removing references to Gin and dips etc.  But I have had reports that my old banner is still there.

If my blog page doesn’t look like the below to you please comment.




Hello 2018!

Did you notice?

There’s no ‘Rambling’ anymore I have changed the title of my blog to reflect the new vision I have.

I have removed the clutter and non-photography elements as this is now a photography blog (as it was really anyway) and I am only doing photography related posts from now on (unless I don’t). Continue reading “Hello 2018!”


Ecurie Ecosse

A quick jump back in time with a short article on an event I took part in a few years ago.

I was lucky enough to be invited by a car group I knew to take a scenic drive to raise money for a local charity with my 1972 Jensen Interceptor and visit the Ecurie Ecosse collection which was then owned by Dick Skipworth.

If you are not familiar with Ecurie Ecosse they were a privately run Scottish racing team back in the ’50s and ’60s and the name is still used today (you can read about them here).

We met at the organizer’s beautiful house in Britwell Salome and parked on his lawn until we were ready to go Continue reading “Ecurie Ecosse”

Liebster Award

It’s Liebster time again so thank you Alba for nominating me, by the way it’s I before E :p

I’m not going to manage 11 others to nominate and really I am just going to give a shout out to some of my favourite blogs (even if they don’t quite meet the Liebster criteria).
So here are a few worthy victims, check them out… Continue reading “Liebster Award”

Seasons greetings

Christmas is fast approaching and we spent the weekend getting the house in order and putting up the decorations.  This is the start of new traditions for me where things I used to do need to be merged with the traditions of my partner.

Last year didn’t count so much as we knew we wouldn’t be home for Christmas and we didn’t get a proper tree.  Now we are in out new home and have a real tree (not very common in this area).

We have spent the year finding nice vintage decorations and even fount a great old cast iron stand for the tree.

All of that has now come together and our house looks perfect for the festive season so we toasted the lighting of the tree (a new tradition I hope).


Not  quite the perfect picture, a few more bubbles would have been good and my dog took this moment to give me some love so I was fending him off whilst trying to take this in low light 🙂

Merry Christmas!



Service should resume soon 

Apologies for not posting, I went on vacation and was away from decent network access, now I have been evacuated due to Los Angeles fires and so posting is not easy.

Here’s a couple of pictures I took yesterday; the first is the road up to the city I live in and as you can see there is quite a smoke plume above where I am heading. The second is from the driveway of my house just as we were leaving, there are flames just visible on the hillside.

We are safe though and that is the main thing. 

Quick Chicago snap 

Loving the windy city…

Taken through the window of our hotel bar 

Chicago here I come

Getting on a plane to Chicago and then on to Wisconsin; hoping to get some decent photography in. 

Postings here may be interrupted. 

Coming soon…

As we approach All Hallows’ Eve I have two things planned starting tomorrow; first off a series of scary and/or creepy images to get us in the mood and second, a departure from the normal themes of this blog, a short story which will be serialized throughout the week so look out for ‘TLR: A storyContinue reading “Coming soon…”

It must be Wednesday

Apologies this is going to be a rambling post about nothing in particular.


Seems like this is a time of doubt for me and I am questioning things including this blog.  I have read posts from other bloggers recently which has added to my thinking about the future of this.

I’ve been doing this semi seriously now for about a year and a half now and if I look at the stats I have to question the point.

I do have over 139 followers and I am grateful to all of those people.  On average though my posts get between 15 and 20 views and rarely more than 10 likes.

But then it’s not (or shouldn’t be) about the stats.

There are a few reasons for doing a blog as I see it, documenting something, sharing creative exploits, creating discussion (or community), entertainment or personal and/or therapeutic output. Continue reading “It must be Wednesday”

Turntable chronicles; a new chapter

As well as Cameras, Photography and cycling I have another love and that is music. Unfortunately I can’t play an instrument but I love listening vinyl. I know it’s all files and disks these days and those are fine; I like to listen to music on all formats (especially live when I can) but Vinyl is still the best at least for analogue music (in my opinion). Analogue music? I here you say.. What I mean is, if music was originally recorded to play on an analogue device, it still sounds better played on an analogue device, more modern stuff that was recorded and intended to be digital probably sounds better played in the format it was intended for too.

I remember when music turned digital, Continue reading “Turntable chronicles; a new chapter”


My entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge

Photos back on display 

Just a quick post whilst my IT issues continue. Managed to put all my photos back on the wall this weekend. It’s a different arrangement as there are no stairs in this house but it still looks good. 

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