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My entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge


Photos back on display 

Just a quick post whilst my IT issues continue. Managed to put all my photos back on the wall this weekend. It’s a different arrangement as there are no stairs in this house but it still looks good. 

Is this an interocitor?!

Unknown electrical power panel

WPC: Unusual

Monster Lemon

My sister has a lemon tree and this came off of it recently; if this was a sci-fi movie, right now we’d be worrying about mutant lemon monsters!


Adam and Eve? 

More street art on brick Lane 

My friend’s prized peony 

In the UK this week staying with friends 

Check out my new page and menu

I decided to organise these camera reviews a bit better and initially I just added a new menu item which took you to all the camera posts but now I have a page listing all the cameras including those not yet reviewed. Click on the ‘CARROT ROOM OF CAMERAS’ menu and you’ll see; Continue reading “Check out my new page and menu”

I need tea!

So a minor crisis has hit my working environment.  As I may have mentioned previously, Tea is my preferred beverage during the day; at least at work as beer drinking during the working day I understand is frowned upon here.  Also, I’m a bit of a snob about it too.

Anyway I was lucky enough to have the convenience of hot water being available from the cooler (yes I know that’s somewhat of an oxymoron)  at a temperature that was appropriate for tea making – all was well with the world.

Then a bombshell was dropped last week that the cooler had been recalled due to a fire risk and should be switched off. Continue reading “I need tea!”

Courteous driving

I was reminded this week of what courteous driving is like.  Living the freeways in LA you rarely see the kind of thoughtful driving with care and attention to other road users. People always seem to be in a hurry and think nothing of cutting you up and taking that small gap you left in front of yourself between you and the car in front – without any indication. Continue reading “Courteous driving”

Coming soon…

Apologies for not much activity this week, as well as the house move I have also had a family loss.

I have some catching up to do later as many photography related things are going on.

I have several cameras to try and post about;

  • Polaroid Colorpack II (thanks Jim at Down the Road)
  • Contax III
  • Pentacon FM (Contax FM)
  • Zeis Ikon Voigtlander 500SE
  • Ricoh 35 ZF

I have a set of macro bellows to play with.

I have some projects I’d like to start on.

Also Thanks to Jim at Down the Road I have been linked to from Petapixel.

So please bare with me and I will be posting some of the above and more soon.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Isolated Subjects

Carrotroom-IMG_5521 (Large)
Coconut on the Beach

Do I have GAS?

What’s the difference between a collector and someone who has GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)?

Lately I have been constantly on the lookout for a camera or lens or something that I haven’t got and suddenly need.  I have cameras that I need to do something with and haven’t, yet I have already acquired another three cameras since I posted about the cameras I need.

Maybe this is getting out of hand.   Continue reading “Do I have GAS?”

Moving house is fun in the USA

As I mentioned I am in the middle of moving house and it’s been… well; interesting – as well as heard work and it’s not over yet. Continue reading “Moving house is fun in the USA”

I got nothing

It’s Cinco de Mayo!  So congratulations to Mexico on their victory 155 years ago and Viva General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín!

(Sorry France)

Unfortunately I have no image to share which fits with this occasion so instead here is a picture of an elephant I took a while ago which is a favourite of mine.

IMG_2190 (Large)

I really should prepare for this next year!

Help re: Burke & James Rexo Junior Photo Printer

Does anyone know how it works/what this is as I am intrigued.  I saw this on Ebay a month ago with a starting bid of one dollar and it didn’t sell and now it’s back on again.  I would buy it just to work it out but the postage is a lot (due to the weight/size I guess) and I really don’t have the space for it.

bandJprinter Continue reading “Help re: Burke & James Rexo Junior Photo Printer”

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