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Daily challenge 101

Daily Photo Challenge #20 – Triumph

The last day of the Photo 101 Daily Photo Challenge is about Triumph.

I spent almost the whole day yesterday taking photos around Kauai (Yes I am on holiday/vacation) which is kind of a triumph.  So as I didn’t take a picture of anything specifically triumphant below are a few I took.

The other triumph related thing is that I finally published something to Flickr which is definitely a successful conclusion to this series.





Daily Photo Challenge #19 – Double

Not exactly double but they are definitely siblings.
These are two of my favourite cameras.   On the left is the camera I have owned for the longest and was my father’s before he gave it to me; this is probably the camera that got me into photography in the first place.
On the right is one that I bought a year or two ago and is a really nice little rangefinder.  I have been using this one recently with good results.


Daily Photo Challenge #18 – Edge

had to make this one quick, struggled again to think of something I could do quickly so decided on this… I’ve tried to make the sleepers as horizontal  and the rest as symmetrical as I can.   Not really what I originally thought for this challenge.


Daily Photo Challenge #17 – Glass

Another one to ponder on what to do and after nearly a whole day of thinking about it I suddenly thought of broken glass, that should be interesting.  I didn’t think I would be able to get some glass to break myself so at the end of my working day I drive out in search of my goal.  I wasn’t sure exactly what i was looking for but didn’t think it would be too much of an effort.

I underestimated the cleanliness of the people where i live. Not a broken bottle or anything lying around anywhere.

I spotted a convex mirror and took this just in case – yeah I know another self-portrait, I must be turning into some sort of an extrovert!


An hour later after driving along nearly all the back alleys I could find and finally I find a broken window, not a perfect subject but it will do.



Daily Photo Challenge #16 – Treasure

This is my grandfather’s Rolex Oyster.  It was given to me after his death and is one of my treasured possessions.  I had it fully serviced a few years ago and only wear it on special occasions – not that it’s hugely valuable (as Rolex’s go) it’s not gold and it’s not in perfect condition; it is exactly the kind of watch I like tough small and simple.  Obviously it’s not about monetary value anyway – it’s about the memory and something to pass on.

I neglected to bring a lens suitable for close up work so this is as close as I can get today.


Daily Photo Challenge – weekend activity

I managed a trip out at the weekend and took a few landscapes whilst I was about it.  I think this reasonably recaps some of last week’s themes.

DSC00670 (2)
Santa Monica Hills, California
DSC00695 (2)
Point Mugu Beach, California

Daily Photo Challenge #15 – Landscape

I am lucky to be blessed with a great landscape here but in a daily challenge like this time is limited to what i can achieve between work and sleep.  Getting to a suitable open space with a good vantage point was the challenge.

So here is my effort from the dash out in the car at lunchtime.  Not great at all, not only is the subject matter not great, the composition is poor.  I do struggle generally with landscape shots, I never quite seem to be able to squeeze the full view and it’s majesty into my lens and really capture the scene.  IMG_5391IMG_5385IMG_5378

Daily Photo Challenge #14 – Scale and Observation

I really struggled with this today.  I had some vague ideas but not much in the way of tools and location to expand or achieve them.

So as a ‘I have to do something’ attempt, here at the risk of losing the anonymousness, which for some reason I cling to, I took a self-portrait – ish


Daily Photo Challenge #13 – Moment & Motion

Well I haven’t had a moment to capture motion so I’m afraid i am going to use the “here’s one I made earlier” cheat

I took this picture a couple of years ago at the Goodwood revival.  If you are not aware of it it is a motor racing event in the UK which is themed around the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.  This means that all the cars are vintage racing cars which usually have a historical pedigree.  As well as the cars the whole event is vintage based with event goers dressed in vintage clothes.  It’s a really good event to go to if you have the opportunity I would highly recommended.

I will add that unlike many other vintage car events despite these cars being worth thousands (and in some cases Millions) of pounds they are still driven as real racing with all the risks associated.  Fashion is heavy on the agenda so this is not just an event for car and racing lovers.

Maserati Tipo 8CM
This is a Maserati Tipo 8CM fighting for position at the Goodwood circuit


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