As I have mentioned before my Mamiya C330 is living on borrowed time due to a small gear wearing out in the winding mechanism; a gear that is no longer available for replacement.

I recently bought a replacement an here are a few shots from the first roll (#25).  I used an expired roll of Ektachrome and used the +1 stop for each decade rule to compensate the exposure.

336804530004_ (Large)

It looks like I should have gone an extra stop as the whole roll is under exposed.

336804530005_ (Large)

Some of the shots appear to have a slight fogging ; I am not sure if this is a light leak or whether I fumbled the film whilst inserting it or when trying to get the film out after realizing it’s going way beyond the last frame.  It could also be a problem with the film stock which I bought with unknown history.

The ‘new’ camera does have a minor fault in that it isn’t recognizing that I have set it to 120 versus 220 and it keeps counting towards 24 frames.

336804530006_ (Large)

I need to try another roll before I consider this a good purchase.