I recently went on a trip to Oahu, Hawaii and we visited the memorial at Pearl Harbor.  Not being an American I wasn’t really sure what to expect; other than a few general facts here and there I didn’t really know very much about it; I am guessing if I had been raised here, much more of that history would have been ingrained in me.

As is normal with me I took along my camera (note that no bags are allowed at all on site so you have to pick your equipment and carry it).  Walking around the museums was interesting and I learned a lot that I did not previously know even though we didn’t have time to do everything there.  We took the shuttle boat to the Arizona memorial to see the remains of the ship that marks the burial place for the sailors that perished there.

It is a beautifully constructed memorial building floating over the ship, it’s stark white walls and open ceilings are perfect for the setting and for the purpose. I have to say that I felt uncomfortable taking pictures in a place which is intended for remembrance of the fallen.  Although others around me were taking selfies and although I don’t have the patriotic background of someone growing up in the nation who’s fallen were remembered here, I still felt that perhaps I was disrespecting something by trying to capture what I saw.

(This was originally a slightly longer post trying to resolve the conflicts I have with a site of emotional and historical significance and being a tourist attraction but I struggled trying to put it in a way that made sense and captured what I wanted to say.)