At the beginning of this year I started a project to shoot all the film I had in stock which amounted to about 36 rolls.  I am three quarters through the year and pretty much on target for what I set out to do.

However, although it has been interesting and I have shot a lot of film through a small selection of my cameras, I think I am going to slow down and pretty much call an end to the project.

I have come to realize that I am trying to shoot rolls just for the purpose of keeping up with the project and as a result I am somewhat wasting rolls (as well as time and money) achieving a goal which is not about creating quality images.  Some of the images I have posted recently have been great but I think many were posted just to show that I shot a roll and they are below the standard of quality and interest that I would like to present.  I also don’t think I have giving anyone interesting in terms of my experience or learning through the process.

I will keep shooting but it will be in my own time and not trying to achieve an unnecessary goal set by myself.

With a baby under 4 months getting quality photography time is hard and so the opportunity for taking good pictures is limited; this just makes me shoot things for shooting’s sake and that’s not my goal.  I could go out and spend time taking the sorts of pictures I like but I would rather spend time with my family.  Also, many of the pictures I want to take right now are of my family and I rarely share those images here.

So, I will keep posting images and sharing (hopefully) interesting things but not in the same way or rate and if I happen to shoot 36 rolls, great – if not, I don’t care.

In the meantime, here is am image I shot recently using Ilford Pan F Plus in my 1937 Voigtländer Bessa folding camera (roll 23).

I have two Voigtländer Bessas; the RF version here which I really love and this, more basic, earlier version with a simple viewfinder.

I bought the second one for no particular reason other than it had red leatherette instead of the usual black and I have never got around to actually shooting with it previously.

This camera is a target in my attempt to reduce the collection and I wanted to try it out and see how well it behaves.

Using it was much the same as the RF but obviously focusing is not quite as accurate and framing is a little hit or miss. The rest shots that resulted aren’t stunning but they are well exposed and mostly in focus I guess

I don’t need this camera though so it is time to pass it on and I feel happier doing so knowing that I’m not losing something very special.  I’m sure with a CLA this can perform very well but I have other choices that work better for me.