Half way through this project now and I am pretty much on track for the year.  I am struggling a little with motivation  as I am shooting the same films a lot ( particularly in 35mm) and I’d like to shoot something else (guess I should have bought a more varied stock).  A few of these films I just don’t like as they seem to not really fit well with my subject matter and as a result I am reluctant to shoot them – ideally I’d like to swap the Kosmo Foto and/or the Fomapan for some Ilford or Portra – any takers on a 2 for 1?

I realized this week that somehow my blog settings had got changed so that it prevented any comments on recent posts; it’s fixed now.

Anyway, this time around was second roll of Ektachrome 120 (expired) which is still a new film to me and I chose to put it in my Bessa RF folder.   Not sure I have ever put colour film in this camera before and so thought it would be interesting to see what this old lens does with it.

This one came out a little blue for my liking

I had similar results with the negatives being a little washed out, having over exposed by one stop this time.  I pulled the blacks down the same as the last roll and the a little more was required to get them looking okay, a slight adjustment to the white balance to get rid of the yellow/green and we have some acceptable images (IMO).