As (sort of) mentioned here, my Mamiya developed a fault and has been away for repair.  The bad news is that the part it needs is no longer available but the good news is they managed to get it working anyway; who knows for how long, it could be one roll or twenty so while I hunt down a replacement I will get as much out of it as I can.


As such here is a roll of very expired Kodak Ektar (EPP) 400


This is the first time I have used slide film in medium format and I can probably count on my fingers the number of rolls of 35mm slide film I have shot so I am in unfamiliar territory.  But as I have a few rolls of this in my freezer I guess I am going to be shooting a fair amount of it over the next few months.  Due to the age of this roll I decided to rate it 2 stops over at ASA100 and hoped to get a decent exposure.


As you can see the images are a little washed out; I decided that it wasn’t that they are terribly over exposed and after one adjustment in Lightroom they looked much better; see a few examples below….

I like how the adjusted one’s came out, the colours are nicely vintage-y