Just got my Prominent back from a full CLA and slapped a roll of Kosmofoto in there as soon as I got it home.

Decided to underexpose this roll slightly as previously I have struggled with the extreme contrast of this film with blown out highlights – I think it prefers the northern Europe weather.

Tree stump
Bent over tree

The results were better this time around although I did need to make some slight adjustments to the exposure on some of these in Lightroom. 

A new mural being painted in Burbank

The camera was a dream to operate; so happy with this camera now (and I was quite happy to start with).

Many of the Chase banks around here have interesting architecture and art decorating the buildings (colour might be better here)

I’m intrigued by this abandoned mini golf course…

There is some wasteland nearby to my house with broken up reinforced concrete which has some interesting shapes…

I have shot this sculpture in Burbank before, here’s a couple more angles…