I shot this roll of FujiPro 400 over a few weeks as I didn’t manage a full photo walk and shoot it in one go.  I used the Vitomatic II for this as my Prominent and Sensorex are both away for a service at the moment and it’s been a while since I used this one anyway (I was also inspired by a few recent posts and comments on 35mmc).

Still like this camera and it remains a favourite especially for travel as it is compact and self contained.

As a result there is a range of subject matter…

… starting with some street art in Downtown LA

Some abstract architecture;

This little fella was taking advantage of a free drink from this leaky valve

The Poppy bloom in Antelope Valley was stunning this year; we only managed to catch the tail end of it

This Frank Gehry building in Hollywood is due for demolition due to re-development; I thought I would try to capture some images before it disappears

I’ve shot quite a few rolls of this Fujifilm this year and getting slightly bored; I have just got both my Prominent and Sensorex back from their CLA so I’ll be making full use of those for a little while and dig into more of the expired films..