Another roll through my Voigtlander Prominent? Well not quite, this is a different Prominent; slightly older than the one used on this post. That one is away for a CLA so using the spare and prepping it for sale once the other comes back.

Film of choice this time was Kodak Portra 160


This was the first time using the 100mm Dynaron lens and I had mixed results which I don’t quite understand; some of the shots are perfectly focused others are just waaay off. I’m not sure whether it was operator error, an RF issue or if the lens wasn’t properly mounted –
one of the lugs is missing on this camera but it seems solid. I’ve shot this camera (only once) before with the 50mm Ultron and had no focus issues. It could be the lens itself, it focuses differently to the 50mm in a weird Voightländer-y way and maybe it’s not being ‘moved’ correctly. I will have to wait for the other Prominent to come back from it’s CLA and try it again.



I also used the Turnit viewfinder which it just a lovely little device that feels so well engineered and, call me peculiar but I just like playing with it – only complaint (and it may be the camera’s fault) is that it’s slightly loose on the accessory mount; meaning I nearly knocked it off a few times – a method of tightening it in place would have been good. Perhaps next time I’ll wedge something in there to hold it.

Been a while since I used a 100mm lens and it took a while to get used to it, I’ve been shooting 50mm almost exclusively (on 35mm film) over the last year and changing is quite a shift.