Seven? What happened to Six? I here you ask…

Well Six was a dud.  I loaded a not-long-expired Portra 400 into my Mamiya C330 and something didn’t go right meaning the roll didn’t feed right and I ended up losing it; luckily(?) this all happened before i could even take a shot so at least I didn’t waste much time or lose any actual shots (still annoying though).

For #7 then I chose a fairly fresh roll of Ilford PanF plus 50 which I think is ideal for my 1940ish Voigtländer Bessa Rangefinder –

I had a reason to go down to the airport and took the opportunity to snap the wonderful Theme Building (would love to tour inside one day).

Failed to exclude the cars and the weather wasn’t ideal but I like moody clouds


Was hoping the sun would shine and highlight this lamp post but it wasn’t playing – might look better with a little exposure adjustment and a crop removing the cars


I love the quality of the pictures this camera makes and this film is just lovely.  Unfortunately the operator needs to practice more using it as his framing was a little off.  Some Voigtländers are a little crazy but this is simple and well engineered; just a nice camera to use.   You only get 8 shots off a roll so they go fast; I should be more frugal next time. 

On the way I also spotted this great old movie theatre; now being used for medical services which I think is a little random.

Full disclosure; I did crop this one