I decided to spend much of 2019 shooting the stock of 36 various films I have in stock and hope to shoot all of them before the end of the year.

The first film was already loaded in my Voigtländer Prominent (currently fitted with the Ultron 50mm 2.0 lens) and was the Fuji Pro 400 film.
I decided that as I was heading to the West of LA anyway for an evening get-together with Cameras and Beer, I would spend an hour or two at the Getty Center. They were running an exhibition of Sally Mann that I was keen to visit and also I love the architecture around the Getty.

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Images were mostly okay but I am thinking this camera could do with a CLA as I get some flaring here and there in bright conditions and the focus might be slightly off.

I have used this film a few times and it can be great but I find it doesn’t respond well if the conditions aren’t perfect.

Second up was the Kodak Portra 400 in the 120 format. This film came as part of a batch of exposed film I bought last year and there was no date on this one. It was a fine day and I just went with my best guess and hoped that the Portra would handle it.

My camera of choice for this film was my 1936 Voigtländer Superb; partly because I want to become more familiar with this camera and partly because I need to trace a light leak (a post on that coming soon).

As with film #1 I took it to the Getty as a second camera for my afternoon/evening out shooting.

Unfortunately my exposure settings were well below what the film needed so film number 2 in this challenge was a bit of a disaster. On the positive side I am getting closer to resolving the leak issue.

Next was Kosmo Foto 100
Decided it was about time to try this 35mm film as I have had it a few weeks. Camera of choice here was the Miranda Sensorex with the 50mm 1.9.
I happened to be passing the Hollywood area of LA on my way back from a customer visit and the sun was out so I made a lunch stop.

I finished off the roll in the rain a few days later where a tree had fallen

Wow this is grainy stuff particularly in the light areas! Not sure I quite like it (sorry Steve). I need to learn how to get the best from this film (I have a couple more rolls) I think it’s better underexposed or inside away from the California Sun; it crushes the dark areas beautifully and maybe I’ll keep it for that kind of shooting.

I have to say this year is not starting well photography-wise. Apart from the expired film everything seems to be a little over exposed; I will pay better attention going forward and also check my metering app; it used to be accurate but maybe I should re-compare.

Well, onto the next film…