I’ve visited this station just off of downtown LA a few times and I love it features.  It was built in the 1930s and is a mix of Art Deco, Mission Revival, and Streamline Moderne styles.

Art Deco clock by the East entrance
Great typology

For this visit I happened to be meeting a friend coming into town and decided it would do no harm to arrive a little early and see what shots i could find; as it was her train was delayed and I had a couple hours to wander around.

East entrance

The station feels like very little has changed since it was built and most of the features appear original.  The old ticket hall (which I didn’t shoot this visit) is preserved and sectioned off from the public; only being used as a film set and for special events.

Ticket Hall
Lighting features in the main walkway
Waiting room chairs being cleaned
Lighting features in the main walkway

It was late evening when I visited and I opted to go digital with the 7Artizans 25mm (50mm equivelant) f2.0

In the main walkway to the platforms there are a number of light-boxes which feature as an art exhibition; at the time of my visit it was a exhibition named “Far Out: Movement through Form and Color” by a number of artists.

Far Out: Movement through Form and Color
Far Out: Movement through Form and Color

I decided to stand and capture people walking by with these pieces as background.

The ceiling on the east side is pretty impressive..

So if you are ever coming to LA via train or in the downtown area, take some time to have a good look at this station, its one of the last great station built in the US.

I am sure Ill be back again sometime soon; camera(s) in hand.