Wow what crazy times these are –  times a few years ago I could never have foreseen.  It’s already November and I am not really sure what happened to October at all.

It’s all been happening for me here…

In the space of a few weeks I have got married, found and bought a house and biggest of all I have managed to secure a role for me as a Dad again next year! Yep my wife is pregnant 🙂

All of this has meant photography has taken a back seat and posting here even more so (trunk seat?).

57410004 (Large)

So right now I do not feel like a photographer at all and I have been leaving the house without a camera in my hand on multiple occasions and even when I have had it I have struggled with inspiration.

This is slightly annoying as I love the November sun with it’s long shadows and cool light.  But there has been just too much to think about and everything else has been higher priority; a situation that I see continuing for a while yet.

57410003 (Large)

I do have a couple of trips coming up which will mean the house will drop down in priority so maybe I will be able to go for a photo walk and take a breath.

57410026 (Large)

I have managed to take some pictures, to stop me getting too rusty (pun intended).  I am  mostly using the Voigtländer Prominent which I am getting more and more affinity with – these were shot on Fuji Pro 400