So there I was on Sunday quietly minding my own business when a couple notifications appeared in my inbox from Flickr; the first stating so and so had like one of my pictures and another inviting my image into the ‘in explore‘ group.

My image had been selected by the mystical Flickr algorithm that puts them into Explore!

This is not the first time this has happened but last time I think I only just scraped in and dropped of the list fairly quickly (you can read Jim’s explanation of how this works here) so it didn’t really register.

This weekend however, it seems I was well in there and got a lot of attention.  I haven’t really put any effort in to developing followers on Flickr so my viewing figures are normally quite low; rarely into triple figures and fav’s in the low teens.

Suddenly my figures start climbing and the whole day my phone is buzzing as yet another fav or something comes in.  It was exciting at first and then slightly embarrassing as my phone constantly interrupted conversations or activities throughout the day.

By the end of the day I had 36,000 views and over 150 favs a massive spike in my otherwise lowly exposure.

Then it was over, a new day and a new 500 pictures on Explore and I can return to normal life, my “15 minutes of fame” if that is and apt term is over, obscurity beckons.

Funnily this image was such an afterthought; I took it whilst on a photography course and the tutor did comment on it as being good but I wasn’t that sure about it; decided to post it anyway as I did like it; I guess he was right 🙂


By the way, whilst I am in the mood for self congratulations and promotion; I just had a camera review posted on Kosmo Foto about my Contax III.  Stephen put a call out for contributions this week and it came at an opportune moment for me as I was re-trying the Contax rangefinder that I previously didn’t like (my old review here) and wasn’t sure on what to do with my thoughts.