Another review of themes whilst I take a moment to re-calibrate

Water has featured a lot in my life and as such it is not surprising it is a co-star in much of my photography over the years; be it canals, streams, fountains, rivers, lakes or the sea I have shot it at some point.  I am happiest when I am near, on or even in the water and if I can combine that with a camera (or a bike) even better!

Water makes a great backdrop for photography especially travel photography.  great for reflections, distortions, shooting the water itself in motion

Also a lot of shooting the things in the water; typically animal life.

Not sure this is technically a theme as it is more a common environment rather than a featured subject matter but either way there is little chance of avoiding it when I like to be close to it.


It hasn’t featured much of late (I notice) but I see opportunities on the Horizon.