Another on my look back at my photographic themes.

Well, we photographers all like shadows.

After all shadows are what photographs are, otherwise they would be just white light.  The shadows make shapes in the light that we can capture.

But more than that, I do look out for interesting shadows; this is linked to my previous post about geometry and there is a big overlap but I wanted to give it it’s own post as there is something more to shadows.

Living in California means I am blessed with lots of sunshine and that means a lot of shadows.  That harsh light and contrast doesn’t work for all photography so perhaps that is why for me shadows are interesting right now; they are everywhere.

Art Deco

I like the way the distort an otherwise ordinary thing.

I like the way they define the angles and underline the form.

Long shadows at the Barbican

Shadows make the flat solid


So expect more shadows from me, they are here to stay.