I have read a few articles recently about photography styles and also had a couple of conversations about influences and what my photography is.  It is something that lately I seem to struggle with and it relates to my current photography confusion.

One post I read suggested that to find your ‘style’ make a collection of all your favourite images by trolling the web then analyse any commonality.  Where there are common themes, try to put some words describing what it is about those images and Hey Presto! you have you style.

This is interesting but I decided an amendment to this approach is to look at my own work and determine any common themes there first.

So I have scanned through the last 12 years of digital images in my archive and have indeed found some common themes.  I thought it worth taking each one of these and explore my interest in that area as well as partly express some of my creative motives but also to help me solidify in my head what it is I think I am doing here.

The danger here of course is that many of these are perhaps older subject areas that I may or may not still be interested in and my photography may have moved on from these initial themes.  So whereas I think this is a worthwhile direction, I don’t think I can use it to fully define myself as a photographer today.

I will try to reach some conclusion about each of them as I go along.

So far I have identified the following themes in my photography;

  • Animals
  • Rust
  • Geometry
  • Shadows
  • Cars
  • Water
  • Industrial

Look out for my next post on this in a few days or so