This year does not seem to be going as I expected/hoped it would. A combination of my daughter’s surgery battle and wedding planning not to mention various DIY challenges have meant I haven’t had time to think properly about this blog or progress the projects I intended.  I’ve also been distracted by a couple of new acquisitions along the way.

The result of this has been patchy posting and posts which probably haven’t entertained, informed or shined in any way.

Reviewer or creator?

At the same time, although I have been taking pictures, I am struggling with the photography itself and where I want to go with it.  For some time, a lot of my posts have been camera reviews and in many ways I have allowed that to take over my photography and I’ve become a bit of a tester rather than a creator.  Now, as I have covered most of the cameras I expect to, I need to slow down and make my images count (as opposed to rushing through a roll in a day or less).

What is blogging?

Blogging is hard.  Hard to keep a steady flow that reader will want to read.  It is easy to get started with this kind of thing but maintaining it over months and years takes dedication, planning and a lot of thought.  It is tempting with a photography blog just to post pictures with little explanation or discussion but that, to me, seems pointless as that is effectively what Instagram and Flickr are (both of which I use and have their place), a blog in my mind is surely more long form and a space to expand on what you have created or why; at least that is why I started blogging in the first place.  Occasionally it is fine and for some blogs that set out that way, single images work too but then those images really need to stand out.

What next?

Photography-wise I will slow down and really think about the kind of photography I do.  A few years ago when someone asked me what I shoot, I could tell them in one sentence.  Recently a friend asked me that and I gave them one sentence but when I looked at my recent stuff there was no correlation between what I said and what I had been shooting.  I’m not saying photographers have to only shoot one thing but at the moment I am really not even sure what I like photographing.  I have thoughts about landscapes and street and macro but that’s not what I have really done a lot of historically so are those real aspirations or just whims that I will never really pursue and become good at?  I believe I have my core set of cameras and apart from a new Voigtländer here or there for my collection I don’t think I will be pushing out masses of camera reviews.  Between my two rangefinders, the TLR plus the SLR and the digital mirrorless I have all the tools (more than enough) I need to make images.

Can you wait?

So dear readers (and thank you if you have read this far) I am going to post a lot less often.  I know I said that at the beginning of the year and I have been, but I was trying to keep it at around two or three posts per week and what I really think now is that once every two (or possibly three) weeks is what I need to ensure that what I post is actually worth reading.  I will be taking time over future posts and I hope that you will be patient and I also hope that that patience will be rewarded with something worth spending a short time reading.  There are millions of blogs and web distractions and the fact that people found my little site and stopped to read and even comment or follow me is still something I find astounding especially from far flung places in the world; so I do appreciate that you are here and that is why I am hoping to improve.

I not going to make predictions about the direction this will now go as I want to explore things a little and so we are going ‘organic’.

Full disclosure I have stolen the format for this post from Dan James as he always breaks up his posts with images that may or may not directly relate to the words.