I’m not exactly sure why I am posting this, maybe as a warning to others… I love spreadsheets.  I know it’s sad but I find them incredibly useful… and, as in this case perhaps, sometimes sobering.
I recently compiled a spreadsheet of all the cameras I have and have had (as far as I remember).  I listed the purchase price and status etc etc. yeah I know I’m setting myself up here but here are some interesting facts.  Well I say interesting, I thought so but it is highly possible that it no one else will.

The list is cameras only and does not include accessories and lenses unless they were part of the original package (I don’t really buy a lot of lenses anyway)
I am able to list 69 cameras I have owned ever and of those 43 were in acquired in the last ten years and 36 in the last two.  I still own 47 and of those 30 are in fully working order; by ‘fully working order’ I have to admit that of the 30, 8 are actually untested in terms of putting film through them (must finish doing that). I have 18 that I am unable to test because they are either properly broken or film is unavailable.
Not surprisingly I have had more Voigtländers than any other brand (11) followed by Polaroid and Kodak (6) Canon (5) then Yashica and Ricoh (4)
Now the scary part
Since April 2013 I have spent a little over $4,000 on cameras; that includes one brand new DSLR and the Mirrorless that replaced it (6 digital cameras in total) – just for completeness nearly $400 of that was for cameras that were gifts (i.e. not for me).  In that same time I have spent $2,100 on film cameras.
The good part.
Looking at the figures for the thirteen cameras I have sold in the last ten years; I have a net gain of $47.28 comparing against purchase price – I think that’s pretty good especially bearing in mind I have had the enjoyment of using most of those in the meantime.
So, conclusions?  Enjoy what makes you happy.  Remember everything has some kind of cost so don’t beat yourself up about it.