We recently visited Germany and spent a Day in Koblenz which is just South West of Frankfurt. It was freezing cold and a little damp being the beginning of February but there was enough to interest us for some exploring.

Looking down on the Rhiene

We started with the fort (Ehrenbreitstein Fortress) which overlooks the city from the top of the hill, just across the river. There is a handy cable-car that takes you straight there avoiding the steep climb (and a cold swim across the Rheine).

Cable-car spanning the river

Almost at the top
You can see the difference in the colour of the water where the Mozelle joins the Rhiene
It’s snowy at the top

Back at river level we walked down to ‘German Corner’ (or Deutsches Eck) which is a large monument on the corner where the Moselle river enters the Rhein.

Equestrian statue of William I, first German Emperor, erected in 1897 in appreciation of his merits in the unification of Germany
We were treated to some German choir-singing in the damp freezing weather… poor things
The river was very high, normally you can walk down there

From there we walked up the Moselle and explored the centre of the city.

Don’t miss this lady perpetually waiting for the right time to dive in (I had my wide angle attached so she’s a little small in this shot)

Being a Sunday there was not much open in terms of shops etc. so and with the cold eating into our bones we decided to return to Frankfurt which was where we had based ourselves and get a warming dinner.

As you can tell the weather wasn’t great for photography and was constantly changing; I shot some film too which I will share once I have the images back from the developers.