I uploaded some pictures to a competition a little while ago.  I didn’t win anything but it got me thinking.  The competition called for Yellow pictures; pictures that featured the colour Yellow.

So I thought it might be fun throughout 2018 to pick a colour for each month and throughout the month look out for that colour and try to shoot as many things as I can.  Then showcase what I have got at the end of each month.

Here we go then with January and deciding to go with the colour of carrots
(at least post Victorian carrots anyway)

I liked the way the shadows dropped across this orange wall
More shadows; this time palm leaves

Quite a nice ceramic tile 
Couldn’t do orange without some citrus, especially as I am in California; this is (I think) a kumquat rather than and orange
Roadworks seem to be a permanent arrangement in this area (and I guess many others; this barrier caught my eye
Saw this and wondered whether I needed to lift the manhole cover in order to continue my journey 🙂
A Bird of paradise flower; this one in my neighbors from garden
Hydrants seem to come in many colours in this area; this one is perfect for this month
Lastly, the end

Next month I will be looking out for Green things to shoot and here’s the schedule for the rest of the year too.

January – Orange
February – Green 
March – Aqua
April – Yellow
May – Grey (not B&W)
June – Pink
July – Blue
August – Brown
September – White
October – Purple
November – Monochrome (B&W)
December – Red

If you want to join in, feel free to comment with your images matching the months colour.