The other Saturday I completed my chores in good time and as ‘S’ was away for a few days I decided I had earned a few hours to take myself to Downtown LA for a photo walk.

I do like shooting DTLA as there is plenty of interesting buildings and people about to keep me occupied.  Typically I would always take my Pen-F digital as well as a film camera (just in case) but for this day I decided to go 100% film.  I did still take two cameras the Voigtländer Vitomatic II and the Bessa RF, the latter as it only had a couple of frames remaining which I wanted to finish off.

The Vitomatic was loaded with Fomapan Classic 100; I have a few rolls of this and trying to see if I like it.

It was a lovely sunny say and I centered myself in the area around the Bradbury building; famous for many films including Bladerunner.

Interior of the Bradbury building

I am undecided about Fomapan, I had expectations which are not coming out, the grain is a lot more than I thought it was going to be and it does’t seem to cope well with extremes of light and dark.  And yet sometimes the tone is really interesting.



I liked the way this building is split between the rough brickwork of the lower half where the next door building has been removed and the upper half which is well maintained.

88790010 (Large)


This violin player wasn’t having much luck, most people seemed to not really notice him as they walked on by.

88790019 (Large)


This shot didn’t quite work but I was trying to get the contrast between the old technology of a pay phone with the smart phones that the two girls were using.

This fancy sign is in a back ally and doesn’t look like it’s updated anymore.

There are plenty of old dilapidated theaters in the downtown area and most still have there old signage up despite shops and stores having been inserted at street level.

Another classic LA building is this art decco wonder commonly referred to as The (James) Oviatt Building.  Usually the gates are locked and you can’t get a decent view but there was some loading and unloading going on and I managed to nip inside for a couple of shots.

There is a 1920s themed nightclub on the top floor of this building and I imagine it and much of the rest of this building have pretty impressive decor.


88790017 (Large).jpg