I got this camera last year after finding it in an antique shop.  I realize this isn’t a rare piece but (maybe because it was more a US product) I had not seen one before and fell in love with it’s design.
The price was high (too high I think having seen a few more for sale since) and I wasn’t going to buy it, but my fiancé decided to buy it for me as a present for which I am very grateful.
It s in great condition and came with the original leather case; even the little Kodak film advertising inside is untouched.

Unfortunately I am unlikely to use it as the film is no longer available; I am sure there are ways to obtain it via some re-spooling or something but I am not sure I really care as I just like this as a piece of objet d’art.
Firstly the great art deco details on the front are simple clean and understated.  I Love the spring loaded opening mechanism which again is simple but well executed without too much visibility of the mechanism.  The focus ring on the front is great with the extremes labeled in simple full English terms.
“5 to 10 feet” “Beyond 10 feet”
It has two viewfinders (as did most box cameras) one for portrait the other landscape and these are neatly incorporated into the design.
I just think the whole thing looks stunning on the shelf and I am sorry if that upsets those of you that say things should be used (of which I am often one) but it’s not like this is the best optical or photographic technology it was a simple every-man’s camera and for me it’s just a beautiful object.
Only thing that I do not like is the name ‘Jiffy’ it just doesn’t evoke the sophisticated fashionable mood of the design. I’m sure that back in the 30s ‘jiffy’ may have been a cool and happening kind of word but even so it doesn’t seem appropriate.