Last year I picked up this little beasty and haven’t yet made time to really do anything with it.  2018 is my year for going Macro (among other things of course).


This is a Russian Macro bellows that I found for under $20.  I did test it once using my Olympus Pen-F (for which I have a M39 adapter) and was pretty amazed at the magnification possible. It currently has a Russian 28mm 2.8 lens attached which is all I have right now whilst my other M39 lens is on loan.

This was the test I tried out of the tip of my red ballpoint pen, not a great shot as the pen was just balanced in place and I only had available light, but I like the potential.

I’ve not really done a lot of macro work as I haven’t really had the right gear so now that I have it and I have a lot to learn I thought this might become a recurring series over the next few months.

Incidentally, if you want a cheap digital camera that does pretty good macro, I can recommend Pentax’s compact camera from around 2005 the Optio 550. I had a couple of these (and the 750z which is even better) and found it very versatile.  It has a super macro mode which allows focusing down to close to an inch.  It also has full manual modes and a decent zoom; these days you can pick them up for under $30.

I took this with one.

IMGP1899 (Large)