On our recent trip to Wisconsin we stopped for a while in Cedarburg which is as quaint little historic city not far from just north of Milwaukee.  Originally a mill town it has a nice river running through it and some interesting stores.  Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Here are a few pictures I took whilst wandering around.

The river coming down from the mill upstream.

A sneaky shot into a nice secluded back yard, I bet that seat is right where the sun shines in the summer.

One interesting thing about this city and many others in this area is the how the properties are addressed.  Rather than just a house number which is referenced against the street, the properties have two numbers that are effectively coordinates.  You can see this on the photo of the barbershop below.

The old-school barbers shop

One particular building of interest (to me) is the Rivoli movie theatre in the Boerner Building.  The history of the building is detailed on a sign to the side and it has been a movie theatre since the 1930s.  The theatre has, fairly recently, been remodeled in a classic movie theatre style.  It looks great from a distance and I would have love to see what the inside was like.  On close inspection the exterior details aren’t very high quality; it’s a worthy attempt though and better than letting the building degrade.

The Rivoli
Rivoli shot with Voigtländer Vitomatic