I do like a good neon sign and on my recent trip to Wisconsin I saw this Blatz Beer sign.

Cedarburg , Wisconsin

As we have a tenuous link with the beer I decided to take this shot and then a theme appeared for the next few days of our trip.

The tenuous link is down to a flea market purchase we made a year or two ago of a Blatz beer man display piece.  If you are not familiar, the Blatz beer man is a figure of a man whose body it a Blatz beer bottle and his arms, legs and head attach to that.  The figure was used for display pieces on bars and the like.  Anyway, we saw an example and he wasn’t mounted anymore on his stand and he was missing an arm.  We bought him as he seemed kind of fun and as he’s about 16 inches tall and made from cast metal (not quite sure what metal) thought we could do something with him.  What we did was fix a bottle opener as his new prosthetic arm and now when visitors come over for a beer (or other beverage requiring an opener) this is what they are given to use.

So across the street from the first there was another Blatz sign

Cedarburg , Wisconsin

Then this window sign looked interesting with the neon and the crumbling text on the window.

Cedarburg , Wisconsin

A couple of days later we visited the Sprecher brewery for  tour and of course in the bar were a few more signs

Signs in the Sprecher brewery

One other beer related thing I have not seen before.  It is fairly common for breweries (and bars) to offer a ‘Growler’ (English people, I know this word has a completely different meaning in the UK so try not to giggle); a growler being a large (refillable) bottle in which to take home your favourite beer.  In this area I saw in two places this contraption.

This is a canning device which allows a bar (right there in the bar in front of you) to put a couple of pints of beer into a large can and seal it so you can take it home with you; of course I had to give it a try.