I had a little time to spare at the weekend recently so decided to take some pictures of a couple of historic buildings in Burbank.  First up is City Hall.

This is an impressive building in one of my favourite design style ‘Art Deco’  according to Wikipedia it was designed by architects William Allen and W. George Lutzi and was  completed in 1943

The stair up to the front entrance are dominated by a large fountain of an elaborate design made from tile, stone & terracotta and features the deco tones of green, light blue and matte black. Design motifs including the “zigzag” pattern of tile and the highly stylized fish add to the fountain’s deco character. The central pool of the fountain is a has soft scalloped edges and a ribbed base. There are a couple of lower tiers that are geometric similar in shape to the surrounding stairs.


There is a large 77-foot tower centrally located at the front of the building.  Unfortunately on this occasion I was unable to go inside which is a shame as I understand the interior is more impressive still with further art deco detailing and many types of marble, and some impressive murals painted by famed muralist Hugo Ballin.

As well as the architectural detailing on the exterior there are three bas-reliefs to “glorify the accomplishments of humanity”.
On the west side of the building one depicts free men bearing the body of Peace, while an eagle hovers in the background. At the right, soldiers are on guard while mechanics work on an airplane.
On the east wing of the building a Jehovah-like figure representing religion is shown and next to him is the Goddess of Plenty on her throne, followed by figures which represent the hurts of war.
The third bas-relief which I didn’t get photographed is on the Third Street side of the building titled “Tribute to Craftsmen”.