A couple of days later Dean was working around the house and had almost forgotten about the incidents a few days previous.  Until he noticed the camera, which was back on the shelf in the office.

The viewfinder was still open and he picked it up again and casually looked inside.

Something white shifted into view and suddenly it was clear.  Right in front of him.  A lady was stood in a white gown; a wedding gown and people were standing around smiling at her.

“Excuse me, do you mind?”

Behind Dean a man was standing holding a TLR camera and was adjusting the focus whilst looking at the bride.  Dean stepped to one side “thanks” the guy took the shot and turned to look at the other people around; as did Dean.

He was standing in a garden with a wedding reception going on around him.  No one was really noticing him as he took in the scene.  Dean thought about the camera.  The camera that that guy was holding.

Dean walked over to him.  He was standing talking to a couple who were laughing.  “Nice camera”

The group turned to see him and the guy with the camera looked down and up and Dean.  “Thanks, I’ve had it a while.  It’s not very modern but the pictures come out great.  Know much about cameras do you?”

“A little.  Is it a Yashica?”

“Yeah Japanese, I know.  I don’t remember seeing you earlier, are you a friend of Brad?”

Dean panicked, should he pretend to know someone or what.

“errr… no I’m just a neighbor”  They said I should pop in and say hello so… errr… sorry Hi my name’s Dean”

“Sure yeah, I’m Danny and this is May and Fred”

Dean tried to be friendly but all the time he was glancing around him trying to work out where (and when) he was. The clothes Danny and the rest were wearing were certainly from another time.  Dean casually examined the suit that Fred had on.  The sharp collar on his shirt and the lapels had a later sixties or maybe seventies look about them.

“You live around here?” he asked

“Yeah, just over in Burbank”

So he was still in California.  Dean was coming to terms with the fact that this was real and that he was in another time and was trying to get the situation clear he was also starting to wonder how he would get back.

“What do you think about the war?”  Dean was fishing, trying to work out exactly when this was.

“War? It’s over ain’t it?”  It wasn’t a conclusive answer but assuming Dean’s guesses about this being either late sixties or early seventies then the Vietnam war would have been going on or as Danny confirmed had just ended so early to mid-seventies?

“Yeah I guess it is, you never know though do ya?”  he responded.

The conversation moved on and Danny and the couple talked about his wife being ill at home and Dean, eager to discover where this whole adventure thing was going, made his excuses.

He was not sure where he was going but he made his way across the garden and out through a side gate.

A noise came from his left as as he turned he felt a sharp pain as something large loomed into his face and all went black.

He found himself back in the office on the floor.  He felt his head, the pain was quickly dissipating and there was no outward sign of anything having knocked him out.

He went into the bedroom and checked the clock.  He wasn’t sure exactly when he had picked up the camera but it must have been a few hours.

He heard the door.  “Hi!” Sarah called out.

“Hi! Come here I have to tell you something!”

“What’s up?” she said when she got to the bedroom.

“Sit down” he said

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing well not wrong as such, something happened and I have to tell you”

“You know the other day with the camera?” He saw her wince slightly, ignored it, and continued “You know I said I saw people and I was somewhere else?  Well it happened again, only this time more clearly”

“What? What are you talking about?  Are you..”

“Shush.  Let me tell you the whole story”

Dean related the detail of everything that happened and when he was done Sarah stared at him.  “And you think you actually went back in time?”

“It sounds incredible doesn’t it?  I’m still trying to process it myself and I don’t really know.  I don’t know how else to explain it; it seems so real.  Am I going crazy?”

“I don’t know babe but time travel isn’t a thing, especially without some sort of scientific device like a flux capacitor or something.  Picking up an old junk camera isn’t going to do it.” She smiled.

Show me this camera and explain what you did.

They went into the office and Dean went through everything he had done and demonstrated looking into the viewfinder.  She copied and nothing happened.

Maybe you should leave this thing alone, I don’t like it.  Let’s see if you have any more..” she paused “visions in the meantime.”

He nodded agreement and they returned the camera to the shelf.


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