“Babe I’m home, sorry I’m late you know how the girls are; Sheryl wouldn’t stop talking about here new dining suite.  How did you get on with the photos?  Babe?”

Dean woke just as Sarah walked in the room.

“Were you asleep? She said

“Err yes, I think so. I was…” He looked at the camera on the shelf, confused.

Well it’s late, I’m going to bed. Coming?  Did you finish the pics?”

Dean got up “Yes, coming, not sure how far I got before I fell asleep.  You know I had a weird dream.  About that camera, I’m sure I er… ” he followed Sarah to the bedroom and they started getting ready for bed.

“Ugh, not that piece of junk!  I still can’t believe you bought that”

“Don’t start that again.  You know, I am not sure it was a dream”

“What dream?”

“The one I was just telling you about.”

“Well, was it a dream or not?  Can you unzip me please?” she said turning around.

“That’s the odd thing.  I remember picking it up and… That’s right I opened the viewfinder… then…”

“Then what?  You saw it wasn’t working and decided to have a nap?”

“No. I don’t really remember, I err…”

“How many beers did you have?”

“None.  I remember seeing… A girl… and a house… and some kids……”  He trailed off in thought trying to sort his mind out, things were kind of cloudy.

“What girl? Where?  What are you talking about?”

“It must have been a dream I guess.”

“You’re being all weird, you know that? Ready?  I’m tired and I have an early morning”

Dean rolled over and switched off the light, a confused look on his face.

In the office, the camera sat on the shelf (the viewfinder was open).


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