I have been pondering the Weekly Photo Challenge of last week which is Ooh, Shiny! and I think it’s fairly obvious to anyone who follows me that, what is guaranteed to distract me? What my “Ooh, shiny!” is, is…


and I had another distraction this week which had me a little on edge.

I was browsing that auction site (again) and spotted a fairly modern Voigtländer in the form of a Bessa-R.  I know that technically this is a Cosina and they just happen to own the name but it’s still a good camera.  I don’t need one of these and until then I hadn’t even thought about buying a ‘new’ camera (just the old one’s) so….  SHINY!!

Being the camera it is, it was priced well above where I normally shop and I immediately looked away.

Then I looked again.  and again

“It takes M39 lenses which I already have a few of….”

“It’s a good price compared to others that are available…”  “It’s a bargain if it goes for that…”

For days I checked on it, didn’t bid, walked away.

Then a reminder: Your watched item is ending soon

I sit and ponder, trying to convince myself that I don’t want/need it and yet at the same time how nice it would be to have.

10 minutes before the end and it’s price still hasn’t changed.

In a moment of madness I put in a bid just a few dollars over what it is at, knowing I’m not going to be successful, sure that the other bidder has a higher bid than that…

You are the highest bidder! glares out at me… “Oh S**T!”

The minutes count down… I’m still the highest bidder

“Oh double S**T I’m going to win this!”

2 minutes… “please someone else, bid!!  … hmmm what accessories do I need?”

1 minute to go…

You have been outbid  “Phew!!!”  In the last minute the bids went up by over $35 and I was safe.

Relief flows over me.. and yet a little disappointment too.

Until next time…

Oh yes, this is a Photo Challenge isn’t it 🙂

Here’s a lovely shiny camera (well some bits of it are shiny)

Original Voigtländer Bessa (RF)