I picked up this bike a few months ago as an impulse buy as mentioned here.  I decided it was a bike too many especially after also buying the Centurion and decided to sell.

I have spent some time cleaning it up and lubricating but decided not to do a restoration as it is in great condition and as previously stated I don’t think it’s been ridden more than a couple of miles in it’s life.

Here are some before and after shots (before on the left);

As you can see in the closeups below the tires were in quite a state so those have been replaced with nice new ones.


Nice and new looking


I’m quite pleased with how the metal work came up; here you can see the handlebars halfway through, the right hand bar is done the left not

A new chain replaced the old and rusted one;


It’s not perfect by any means there is pitting from rust in most areas and the cables are looking pretty old but as an almost original example that is ready to ride away it’s pretty good.  I took it out for a few miles of riding at the weekend and all behaves correctly; really good actually and there were tangs of doubt in my decision to sell.

It’s now ready to sell and the buyer can either use it as is or spend the money restoring it.