This is my entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge; Elemental

This comfortable swing seat has been placed atop this hill in this public space by I know not who.  I am sure they are close by and like to sit in comfort and watch the glorious sunset from this excellent vantage point.

I picked this for this challenge as first being exposed as it is it is a great place to take in the Air and just breath.  Second the area immediately surrounding this seat is scorched by recent wildfires and I am not sure how this escaped that; I guess the bare Earth surrounding it provided enough barrier.  This hill is part of embankments that form a large dam built in 1940 as part of works implemented after the floods of 1938.  As you can see in the background the small river that flows through the dam keeps the basin green with it’s fresh Water.  All elements are represented here but mostly this area is a welcome space away from, but close to, industrial and busy cityscapes below and many come here to walk, cycle, horse ride or just sit in their element and enjoy the fiery glow of the sun as it sinks below the horizon.