Took this recently with the Pentacon and the Yashinon-DS 50mm lens.

I’m still deciding whether these are keepers whilst I fix the small pinholes in the shutter curtain.  I’ve resolved most of them but there was still one that was causing a leak; hopefully I have that now.

I have to say that I am really liking this camera and the lens.  The camera is basic for sure but the images coming out with this lens are really nice.  I have to admit I am in a quandary right now.  My main focus is on Voigtlander and now I have the Bessamatic I don’t really need another SLR (particularly as I also have a Minolta awaiting a CLA plus an old Canon EOS hiding in the cupboard).  So I really should put this back on the market and let someone else enjoy it.  Then there is the lens, should I keep that or let it go?  It’s a really nice lens and one day I might find a use for it; obviously I could put an MFT adapter on it and use it on the Pen-F.

I am trying to slim this collection down and I want to stick to some simple rules otherwise I am going to get out of control (see previous post about that here)  If I only keep cameras that are; Working useful cameras that have fit a niche OR are aesthetically nice for display OR are Voigtlander then I think I can simplify things and have a reasonable clear out  … and make a little money to buy items where I have a gap.